About Me

My name is Andrea and I am a very happy and proud mom of 3 always hungry boys Nate 13, Tyler 11 and Zachary 11 (yes twins!). I am also a very smitten and proud wife of David whom I've been married to for 14 years. I love, I mean I LOVE cooking for my family and friends. Nothing brings me more joy and satisfaction than making a delicious meal that fills their stomachs while also making a memorable food impression. 


It's simple, cooking is my passion! Eating and enjoying meals together is a major event in our family's lives. My boys have also grown to love and appreciate good food which puts a huge smile on my face. My main goal for this blog is to journal recipes for my sons so they have a chronicle of our family meals, recipes, menus and experiences. I've journaled my recipes for years but they sit in a closet for no one to see. My hope in blogging is that it creates a fun new way for me to journal our recipes for everyone to see. Plus, my boys are so tech savvy they think it's a hoot reading my blog posts!


Over 20 years of just cooking in my own kitchen. I am not a trained chef, never went to culinary school or worked in a restaurant. My culinary skills have evolved from just cooking at home and cooking a lot. I enjoy going to local cooking classes, watching the Food Network, follow other food blogs, enjoy reading cookbooks and cooking magazines. I read cookbooks like a Danielle Steel novel! I have over 100 cookbooks and subscribe to 6 food magazines! While I can spend hours upon hours scouring the web for recipes I much prefer looking through cookbooks, the old fashioned way! 


A journal of recipes that I make on a daily basis for my family and friends. I rarely follow a recipe to a tee. I love being creative so the recipes you see in my posts may or may not be an exact recipe. It may be a recipe off the top of my head because I've cooked it so many times! At the end of each recipe you will see my family's Food Impressions. Their food impressions are their thoughts on how the meal turned out. Their impressions may range from "the best meal ever" to "the absolute worst." The recipes you see are the recipes I cooked that day. The boys are getting a kick out of seeing which picture I post and if it's their plate or not! Dave gets annoyed because if it's his plate I'm taking a picture of it may be a little cold! As much as I enjoy cooking at home I also love going out to dinner. So some of my posts may be about our restaurant experiences. I may post about random food thoughts and food experiences. We entertain often so many of my posts will be about meals with friends and extended family. You will see pictures not only of food, but pictures of my loved ones.

*Dave and I also love wine. Dave is the wine connoisseur in the family so periodically he will be posting "Wine Impressions!" 

While this blog is dedicated to my sons Nate, Tyler and Zachary, I hope you find it fun and it even tempts you to try some of my recipes. I would love to hear your "food impressions" so please feel free to email me or comment!

Salute to memorable food impressions!