Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bloody Mary Sunday

"Bloody Mary Sunday" was the name Christopher and Stephanie titled the party they hosted this weekend. For whatever reason Dave and I couldn't help but referring it to "Sunday Bloody Sunday" all week. The funny thing is I kept singing it all week too but luckily for my loved ones I was just singing it in my head because I don't sound anything remotely like Bono. Let me tell you, the Bloody Mary party they hosted was such an awesome idea and soooo "Pinterest" worthy. There was every kind of fixing to make every kind of Bloody Mary! Between the celery, beef sticks, olives, peppers, and tomato juice, the drinks were sufficient enough to be considered a meal. When Chris and Stephanie throw a party they do it right and never fall short of pulling out all of the stops! Chris and Stephanie are very good friends of ours and we see them almost every weekend in Ellicottville; they have a ski house too. One of the best things about their ski house is the Budweiser and Michelob neon signs that hang on their cathedral ceiling wall. The signs can be seen very clearly from outside their windows. So whether you are walking in front of their house, driving past their house or heck, skiing on the slopes across the street from their house, you can see these ginormous bright neon lit signs. But here's the best part, if they are lit, the party is on! And they are lit almost every weekend, hence why we see them every weekend. Whenever we are driving home from the ski slopes and see that neon sign on, it's always an errrrk kinda turn into their driveway and we are knocking on their door. I'm sure when they hear the knock on their door they say "oh, it must be those Ski'wics again!" You're probably wondering, why do they have these huge neon beer signs hanging? Well, they own an Anheuser-Busch distributor. Totally cool for us because every time we go to their place we get to taste test a new beverage and many times it hasn't even hit the shelves yet. Chris is always introducing us to amazing tasting beverages. So this afternoon the beverage was Taste of Florida Bloody Mary Mix. Even though it was pre-mixed, it had a made-from-scratch taste. They were out of this world especially with all of the extra fixings they had. So what ended up being a party we thought we would be at for just a couple of hours, turned into an all day affair! It's hard to leave once your'e there! Salute to an incredible Bloody Mary Sunday!
So Pinterest worthy
Just some of the fixings

Bloody Mary Cocktail

  • 5 oz Taste of Florida Bloody Mary Mix
  • 1 1/2 - 2 oz good quality vodka
  • celery stalk, large spanish olives, beef sticks, tabasco, or any other garnish you prefer
In a large glass add ice cubes. Add vodka and then add bloody mary mix. Stir well and add garnish.

Food Impressions:

Andrea: Every Sunday should start with a Bloody Mary. Delicious!
And the neons are on!
The Bloody Marys were as happy as us!
Enjoying a second glass 
The kids and Stella also always have a blast
when the neons are on! 

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