Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You've Got Mail

I had very fond memories as a kid filling out Valentine's Day cards to my classmates. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with a list of all of the kids in my class and carefully picking the perfect card with the perfect message to hand out to everyone. The other day the boys came home with their class lists and acted all nonchalant about them. I knew, secretly, they were pretty excited about filling out their Valentine's Day cards, as they always are! I actually get excited when it's time for them to fill them out and always kid about which girl they want to give a special valentine to!  Thank god they can fill them out themselves though! I remember when they were in Pre-K or Kindergarten or even 1st Grade and they had to print their name on the tiny cards and of course they wrote their letters so huge there was never any room. This year, they weren't into sending cutsie cards so we printed some cool dude cards! Last weekend we did a mini photo shoot of the boys "catching air" while skiing. Dave gets credit for the message, that was all him! 
Happy Valentine's Day 
from Nate, Tyler and Zachary!

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