Tuesday, March 11, 2014

52 Reason Why I Love You!

Just a little break from food or I should say "oranges" for a moment. I would like to share what my 11 year old son Nate gave to me today. It's the most special gift he has ever given to me. He was busy in the kitchen for two hours and kept saying "Don't look Mom" It looked like he was making some elaborate craft project. I honored his wishes and didn't peek although I was very tempted. When he was finally done he said, with the biggest smile on his face, "Okay Mom, I'm finished. Here is what I made for you."

He took a deck of cards and stapled 52 handwritten reasons why he loved me! There was no occasion, he just randomly decided to make this for me. It was the absolute best gift ever. Nothing touched my heart more than reading all of the reasons he loves me. Some were hysterical like "You let me eat ramen noodles" and others were touching like "You always cheer me up." Some reasons were things I never even knew he noticed like "You always help me find things when I loose them" or "You always make sure my hair is neat" or "You dress us well." And some were about things that we have done like "When you take us to the park" or "Take us to the movies." I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry so I just did both! I told Nate that I will cherish the cards forever and anytime I need a pick-me-up I will pull out a few cards and read them. I certainly don't claim to be the perfect mom, I'm far from perfect but these cards reinforced I must be doing something right! What I thought was so endearing about this gift was that it showed me what a caring, compassionate, loving and appreciative young man Nate has become. I am so proud of him and so proud to be his mom. Thanks Nate, my first born pride and joy baby!
As much as I love gifts like Louis Vuitton handbags or jewelry from Tiffany's, nothing beats a gift like this!
I like the 9 of diamonds!

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