Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fresh Farmhouse Eggs...taste the difference!

I mentioned in an earlier post that every Friday before we arrive at our farmhouse we stop at Pumpkinville to buy farm eggs. Pumkinville is a 200 acre farm and it is the oldest original pumpkin farm in New York State. They have this cute shed called The Little Red Shop where they sell homegrown brown eggs and ground beef, as well as homemade baked goods. You pay for your goods based on an honor system so they have a cash box where you just leave your money. Pumpkinville is at the corner of our road so making regular trips to get their eggs is a breeze. We rarely buy eggs from a grocery store anymore because there is such a huge difference in taste. The taste of farm eggs is so much better because of it's freshness.

Commercial eggs from a grocery store are typically 1-2 weeks old, while fresh farm eggs are sometimes only hours old! One day, Dave stopped to get eggs and the owner Diane said "Lucky you, my girls just laid their eggs." Talk about freshness!  Fresh farm eggs are also so unique - they vary in size, color, texture and if you're lucky you may get a double yolk! But the most unique feature by far, is it's delicious taste. You don't need anything on them or with them - I actually prefer them plain - either fried or hardboiled with only a touch of salt and pepper.  I always say "Let the egg be an egg." Too many people, including my husband, doctor eggs up with so many other ingredients that you don't taste the egg anymore. I'll reiterate: let the egg be an egg! On the weekends, Dave is the one who typically cooks a huge farmhouse breakfast but on occasion I do and it's always simple. Simple but delicious! As a kid my mom always made us fried egg sandwiches and we loved them. I make fried egg sandwiches but with a twist...my version is "Buttery Fried Eggs over Crusty Italian Bread." Just pick it up with your hands, take a bite and enjoy! Salute to fresh farmhouse eggs and tasting the difference!

Buttery Fried Eggs Over Crusty Italian Bread 

2 farm fresh eggs
1/2 inch slice of crusty italian bread
1 t butter
salt n pepper

Heat butter in a small round pan over medium heat. Crack two eggs in hot pan and let cook 3 minutes or so. With a spatula break the yolk just a little bit. Then carefully flip the eggs over for 10 seconds. Flip the eggs back over, add salt n pepper and then place on either plain or toasted piece of italian bread. 

Food Impressions:

Dave: "Good but would be better with pepper jack cheese." (Of course he would say that, he can't just let an egg be an egg!)

Tyler:  "Eggalicious." "When we're over grandma's house and she runs out of food, she'll make us fried egg sandwiches." 

Nate: "It's really good mom but the bread was too crusty and it's hurting my braces."  (Nate didn't eat all of the bread)

Zachary: "Now this is a skiers breakfast." (Funny, Zachary wears braces too and the crust didn't bother his. I'm thinking Nate just didn't like the bread!)

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